The Nimble Magazine 1.0

It's here.

After quite some work, The Nimble Magazine went life in the iOS Newsstand 2 weeks ago. I am rather happy with the first issue, even though it's clearly just a starting line. If you wanna see some great art, or maybe learn why I hate digital, or even are curious about the foolhardy chromatic painting technique, then you should download it from the app-store now.

To be honest, I wrote that first paragraph two weeks ago. Today I published Issue002: Something is missing and now it's time to take a look how things are going.

First of all, I was overly surprised by the download rate. I was hoping for 5-10 downloads per day max, but instead I already hit the 1024 apps barrier within 2 weeks. It's a free app, and it's a huge market, nevertheless that's a super positive sign for me to keep going.

My tech setup works smoothly, I am using middleman for html-rendering and the bakerframework as the app-wrapper. It is still very basic, but it's certainly a great way to bootstrap.

My main inspiration for this project was and still is The Magazine by Marco Arment, although my motivation is probably rather different. I am also trying to follow the ideas laid down by Craig Mod in his Subcompact Manifesto as good as possible:

I propose Subcompact Publishing tools and editorial ethos begin (but not end) with the following qualities:

  • Small issue sizes (3-7 articles / issue)


  • Small file sizes

(small enough with approx 50mb, but I do use videos)

  • Digital-aware subscription prices

(free for now)

  • Fluid publishing schedule


  • Scroll (don’t paginate)


  • Clear navigation


  • HTML(ish) based


Touching the open web

(check, all articles have their own web-touch-point, like this one)

I already have content for the next two issues, and I'm grateful to many many artits out there who pitch ideas and contribute freely (again, for now). It's likely that I might take a break after Issue003 and make some decisions about how to move on, since ultimately I want to switch to paid subscription. I am enjoying this sproject so much, that I hope to be able to sustain it for a longer timeframe. So, on to Issue003: In Pairs.