perspective for (mobile) artists 1.0

perspective for artists is a super little app for mobile artists that lets you create one and two point perspective grids.

Really, that's just it. It's very simple, and it's my second app to follow The Nimble Mag. Developing apps is a new playground for me, so I am a little nervous. I am selling the app at a low pricepoint of $0.99/€0.99, which is new to me: selling products.

So what does perspective actually do? To put it simple, it lets you create perspective grids like this:


… which you can save to the photo library and use in any of your favorite painting apps, like eg here:

That's pretty much it. You can toggle either of the points off to get a 1-point-perspective, too. This is my base-line for the app, on the future list are things like:

  • 3-point-perspective
  • zoom in/out for better positioning of the handles
  • tilt/rotate grid
  • create straight lines
  • multiple points for non-parallel objects

The main part of the app is developed in HTML/CSS, and uses phonegap as the app-wrapper. If I see that people find the app useful, I will take this as a hint to go native and learn Obj-C :) 

I would also like to say thank you to Dennis Reimann, Luis Peso, Matthew Watkins, Susan Murtaugh, Shaun Mullen, Jan Krutisch, for valuable feedback during development.