iPad workshop for kids at VHS-Hamburg/Ost delivered

Last week we had our first holliday workshop at the VHS-Hamburg/Ost for kids. The idea was to create a set of (easterbunny-)monsters, then convert those to puppets and create a short animation.

So we started creating our monster using an app called Drawing Carl. It's a fairly simple but powerful enough app, featuring a mirror mode and a nice way to paint pattern-filled shapes.


Next, we imported our monsters to foldify, working it into the shapes…


…on the first day, we created a whole bunch of characters, and even if the bunniness became more of a loose concept, it was quite a scary bunch of monsters we had in the end.!

On the second day we spent an hour glueing them all together. Now we split into groups of two and each group was to come up with their own instant storyline.

The last stage was animating our little ideas and creatures using stop-motion technique. We used Stop Motion Studio, which is a simple but powerful app for that matter.

In the end, we had three little movies, and here's the one I did together with my co-animator, 11-year-old Enno. Much fun.