The Talking Figureheads - live performance at the Altonaer Museum

Together with Valentin Heyde, Dirk Bathen and my comrade in nonsense, Jan Krutisch , I got invited by the Altonaer Museum to do two gigs for kids during an open day. We decided to do a live performance involving projection and came up with the idea of making over 100 year old figureheads talk!

Here's a little video that shows the process of building the machine that would be the main actor during our play. It was made off cardboard and some great props we found at the Hanseatische Materialverwaltung.

While the others did a great job in playing their roles as crazy scientist, I would hide in the background and live perform/lip sync the figurehead projections. I used Morfo and touchVIZ on the iPad to do it. Good fun.