The Nimble Magazine: the status quo

People are asking me: what happenened to The Nimble Magazine? To give it right away: it's in a halting state as it stands. Here's the two main reasons for that.

iOS 7

With the update to iOS 7, I would need to update the App as well, since its core relies on the fabulous Baker-Framework. It always makes sense to wait a little, but now it all looks stable and I could do it. Sadly, there now seems to be a very unclear approval process when it comes to Indie-Newsstand-Magazines. Some get approved, but many don't. By updating now, I would have to go through the submission process again and risk being thrown out. That would mean an unclear investment of time at this point which I simply don't have. Also, with iOS 7 apple did some changes to the Newsstand which don't make things easier. Oh, and then there's the other reason.


When I started out with The Nimble Magazine, I was hoping to release one issue every other month. I have to admit now that being the maintainer of the app as well as the editor (and main writer) is a bigger workload than I anticipated.

So? Any plans?

For now I will probably leave the app untouched and will keep working on the next issue whenever time allows. Which means there will be a next issue, but only once it's done. I will also focus on perspective for artist, and that small new thing I am working on.

I hope this all sounds comprehensible and answers some questions, and I am looking forward to push out the next issue of The Nimble Magazine as soon as possible!