About selling artwork

Update: available now!

Over the course of the last years I have created quite a range of artwork on either my iPhone or my iPad. And even though my main aim was to learn, collaborate and create, I also always was thinking about ways to use the work I created in a commercial way.

Oh, but how?

From what I can tell most of my peer artist selling their work are doing it via a gallery or by self-distribution, usually as prints. This is great, but it never really tickled me, since I don't want to explicitly deal with a middleman (gallery) or any production step I don't understand or have control over (print-shop).

In addition, I keep thinking that the work I do in data should keep its state, and not neccessarily become an object. I'd rather want it to relate and interact to different kinds of other data, and my new App Grumpy Skies is a very first and small step in that direction. Having created quite an array of sky paintings (I was obsessed by the random and simple beauty of clouds for a while), that was the reservoir I wanted to tap in now.

Never happy with the weather, are we?

So, Grumpy Skies is a little app that displays the temperature at your local place in relation to how it was exactly one year ago. In addition it shows the overall weather situation (clear day, fog, snow, etc.) in conjunction with a piece of artwork of mine. Once you adjusted your personal grumpiness slider, the app will complain about the weather change accordingly. And always grumpy :)

This is still all very simple and easy to use. In version 1.0 I am mainly focussing on a good UX and am playing a little with motion and space. This short screen capture shows the basic interaction. I am quite happy how well the artwork works together with local weather data.

Grumpy Skies will be available for the iPhone soon.