Notes from resonate 2015 in Belgrade


Last week and for the second time I went to Belgrade for attending the resonate conference (which is all about "the position of technology in art and culture"). Here are my loose notes from it. (For some great german notes, checkout Heikes review.)

Pauline Drescher talked about the Cindkid Festival, an annual gig taking place in Amsterdam. Its mission reads as follow:

"The aim of the Cinekid Foundation is to promote the quality of visual culture for young children (4-14)"

Some of the installations Pauline showcased were a Puppet Parade, a StopMotion piece you could star in, light graffiti, enriched plants, and much more.

My favorite piece was this Augmented Shadow by Joon Moon.

Then there was the ecal Open Controllers Project, which

"suggests combining common industrial objects with several sensors that smartphones are equipped with {…)"

They use standard products from IKEA and stuff devices in their bellies to create simple and effective controllers.

Adam Magyar's work was the opener, I found his real world scans highly fascinating. Also liked these high speed shots taken from the inside of arriving trains.

Inspired by his work, we tried our own little scans, using Poloska and tagtool, just for fun. Heheh.

I sadly missed the better part of Lauren McCarthy's presentation, I really like her positive approach to take social media as a given and play around with it, mixing it with data analysis and often holding up the mirror to our own faces. This is us+, an g+ plugin she did together with Kyle McDonald.

More bits: Kortex by Joshua Batty lets you create audio based visuals in cool way. The Generative Detective says it all. I want conductive markers now. mrdoob told us how ctrl-click on the available resolution list in the mac os settings panel solves your projector problems and that I missed this. And Mickey Rooney does the impossible thing in Martin Arnold's Cinemnesis, thx to Jack Schulze for the heads up and a very entertaing talk.

I did miss most of the LIVE part of resonate (concerts at night), but I managed to witness Blixa Bargeld doing his schtick. A keeper. Additionally we got invited to a former brick factory which is now some art/music/event place which was hard to find, even for our taxi driver. And what happened there surely stayed there.

Yes, back to Belgrade for #res16. Ah, and here's a list of nice quotes from the festival, too.