Tagtool workshop at Kidsbit-Festival in Perugia

The KIDSBIT is a week-long summer school with two festival days on the weekend for kids aged 4-14. The aim if for the kids to explore new technology and discover its creative potential. The organizers managed to create a wonderful atmosphere within the walls of a former monastery, where the kids would code robots, create animations, explore fab-labs and raspbery-pi's, and – which was my part – animate monsters and robots in two tagtool-workshops.

It am extremely happy and honoured having been part of the first instance of the festival; it felt very much like going to the my first reboot in 2007: Great vibes, interesting topics, and all the people I met were there becasue it was a matter of the heart.

My special thanks go out to the Istituto Tedesco Perugia, who made this trip possible; and to all the good people at KIDSBIT, Giulia, Elisa, Luca, et al!