Kidsbit 2017

I am just back from Perugia where I was able to take part in the 2nd Kidsbit-Festival – an event spinning around all things digital creativity, for children and their parents. Like last year, I was running a workshop about animation and tagtool. This time the kids created a range of wonderful creatures using just simple shapes. It was great to see them coming alive on the old Pallazzo dei Priori at night.

Auch dieses Jahr war ich wieder eingeladen, am Kidsbit Festival 2017 teilzunehmen. Die Kidsbit setzt sich zum Ziel, Kindern (und Eltern) den kreativen und explorativen Umgang mit Digitalem zu vermitteln. Auch diesmal haben wir wieder zusammen in Tagtool animiert und die Ergebnisse abends auf den alten Palazzo dei Priori projiziert.

Kreative Apps & Digitale Lesewelten - 4 Tage Seminar an der HAW Hamburg

Im April durfte ich im Tandem mit Heike Roegler an der HAW und im Rahmen des Themas Digitale Lesewelten etwas über mobile Kreativität und Apps erzählen. Heike hat das drüben auf It's All About The Stories schon wunderbar zusammengefasst; für mich war es eine tolle Gelegenheit, mit den Studenten Apps wie zB. Puppet Pals zu spielen, dabei gemeinsam zu verstehen, wie der explorative Umgang mit Digitalität im Umfeld Bibliothek aussehen kann.

In April Heike Roegler and me ran a 4-day workshop about reading and creativity on tablets at the HAW; a great opportunity to explore and discuss all things digital in the realm of libraries with the students.

Tagtool workshop at Kidsbit-Festival in Perugia

The KIDSBIT is a week-long summer school with two festival days on the weekend for kids aged 4-14. The aim if for the kids to explore new technology and discover its creative potential. The organizers managed to create a wonderful atmosphere within the walls of a former monastery, where the kids would code robots, create animations, explore fab-labs and raspbery-pi's, and – which was my part – animate monsters and robots in two tagtool-workshops.

It am extremely happy and honoured having been part of the first instance of the festival; it felt very much like going to the my first reboot in 2007: Great vibes, interesting topics, and all the people I met were there becasue it was a matter of the heart.

My special thanks go out to the Istituto Tedesco Perugia, who made this trip possible; and to all the good people at KIDSBIT, Giulia, Elisa, Luca, et al!