Benjamin Rabe grew up in the realm of HP-Calculators, Activision games, Beaker and Douglas Adams. He painted his first 4-part-series of comics at the age of 12, started programming Pascal and Assembler on his Atari 600XL at the age of 14. He studied Physics and Math for 2 years and switched to Graphic-Design later.

He was one of the first interface-designer to be on an agile software-project following the rules of ExtremeProgramming(XP) in 1999.

Freelancing since 2004, he helped pioneering the ideas of web2.0 in Germany during the startup phase of qype as the lead designer. While digging through Rails, HTML and CSS, he stumbled upon the Brushes app early in 2009, and returned to painting. He has become a major ‘evangelist’ of the art of ‘fingerpainting’ aka mobile art.

Benjamin publishes and maintains (together with Matthew Watkins), a blog about the theme, and recently launched The Nimble Magazine, a tiny magazine to the iOS Newsstand.

He has been included in several national and international art-shows :

In 2011 he co-organized the worldwide first appearance of finger paintings in a museum, the MK&G in Hamburg.

He is also founding board member of The International Organization of Mobile Digital Artists, and is part of an international group that organized the first MobileArtConference in New York 2010 and 2011.